feeling a little homesick


3 thoughts on “feeling a little homesick

  1. Sunnyboys

    I remember when a sunny boy was also a solid pyramid frozen sugar food coloring and water. Something that entertained me for hours and gave me toothach.

    It’s the simple the simple things in life that keep us going.


  2. S’boys

    Even after the guitar solo, Jeremy Oxley still looks like he’s ready for the gold course! The “turn the people round” bit sounds like its been edited in from a Goanna song.

    I was so homesick in South America that I remember being reduced to a gibbering wreck when a Wa Wa Nee song came on the radio (in Arica, Chile I believe). None of your blogs and youtubes in those days, girlie.

    I hope snow is melting, art is happening etc. We miss you!

    lv yr br

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