in with the old

What a terrible blogger I’ve been. Travelling around and not letting anyone else live vicariously through my experiences? Shameful! If I were you and this was one of the blogs I read regularly, I would be a little miffed.

Suffice to say that sometimes, blamelessly, things don’t quite work out as you imagine and landings are not always soft, even for M and I who generally seem to lead a charmed life as far as travel goes.

We are elsewhere now, having left the loved ones and dear cats to their busy lives in Ville Emard. We are now being hosted at the Auberge Alternative (proprietress – Hobart’s own Angela Reeve) in Old Montreal. A beautiful part of town and a testament to the aforementioned charmed life.

The Auberge has aspirations to be an art hostel so we are trying to help them set a precedent for artists in residence in the building and aid and utilise a small gallery space here too. We have been overwhelmingly, enthusiastically welcomed as both artists and Tasmanians and are warm and comfortable with a bed, studio space and a lovely big window through which I have so far seen many horse-drawn carriages and one large white poodle in a pink rhinestone hoodie.

The snow is melting and the temperature seems to be rising, although I daren’t speak too soon. Our first morning here, while waiting for Angela to arrive, we perched in a sunny window in the dining room, catching some rays and watching large flakes flutter by the window. We were both struck dumb by how lovely that simple experience was.

Snow still rather exhilarates us which makes us feel a little guilty in a town full of people sick to death of the sight of it. We are mindful of not offending by limiting the frolicking to when we feel unobserved.

There are some nifty things we have done and seen which I will try to retrospectively catch up on from this point onwards, in the meantime, if you’re my Facebook friend, you can see an album of snaps of Canada-Antics via my profile. I’ll try and get more up here though. 🙂

Dot point closure-
. we’re alive and well
. we miss home a little and the rabbits a lot
. we are starting to crank the creativity up a notch (evidence of this to appear here soon.)
. we have no plans to emigrate (Michael.)
. snow is awesome

Thanks for tuning in.


3 thoughts on “in with the old

  1. “one large white poodle in a pink rhinestone hoodie.”

    And you didn’t throw yourself out the window to get a photo of this?


    – pip

    p.s. Glad you hear you are alive and happy.

  2. Pink rhinestone hoodie

    Was there a flamingo flying past, holding a beautiful, beautiful painting of a sunset in its’ feet? ie were you drunk? Drunk on quebecois-ness I suppose. Nice to hear from you. saw the pics on the ‘book. How did the Moving Image Collection go?

    – yr br

  3. In answer to you blog comment:

    Yeah, I just did a really small piece in the end just some drawing on a wall with some dinky lighting and a sink with broken glass piled into it. It was something about the ridiculousness of the nature of public safety – which seemed to be an overriding factor of the whole event.
    Next time though I’ll either be REALLY prepared and have something that I can just install or not do work for it at all. It’s nearly too much organising and being arty farty!

    I wish that you and Matt could have been there, I think you would have had fun with it.

    Your new digs look amazing!

    The count down til CESTA has begun here.

    xo Pip

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