Rivulet Analogies – retrospective blog #1

This is the work I produced for the Mountain Festival Sculpture Trail, which was launched yesterday in my absence. It is a series of 5 suggestions for re-imagining the rivulet that runs through South Hobart. The series of the analogies consists of: The Anatomy of a Tiger Snake, A brief and inexact timeline of Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam War, my left leg, the song ‘Delilah’ by Tom Jones and a visual graph showing the difference in life expectancy between that of the average Australian and the Tasmania-specific equivalent.

The maps and suggestions are freely available at two points along the rivulet track; at the Molle Street entrance and also at the bridge near Weld Street.

I was trying to produce a work with the least impact upon the environment as possible and decided that the best way to achieve this would be to attempt to re-sculpt the area purely through thought and imagination. Make sure to switch your skills of perception to ‘loose’ when you go to experience it.

I am extremely grateful to my Mum and Dad for coming to my rescue as ring-in envelope stuffers at the 11th hour. Thank you Parents! Thank you so much!

Also opening in my absence yesterday was Lucha Libre! curated by Victor Medrano for Inflight and featuring the wrestling work I’ve been developing along with work by Caz Rodwell and Jamin. I was really happy with it as I handed over the DVD and promptly left the country, and really wish I wasn’t missing seeing it installed.

Hope it all went well guys. I hope someone worthy won Mrs Medrano’s piñatas.


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