Baby, it’s cold outside.

So here we are in Montréal.

The jetlag has almost gone but it was a loooong journey. To get here as cheaply as possible we had a 13 hour stopover in Honolulu, sleeping on chairs in the airport and that left us in transit for a couple of days total. But if it gets you here, it gets you here eh?

We are staying here in Ville Emard with Lena and Jean-Yves, who are kindly putting us up (and putting up with us) for the duration. I am very conscious of disrupting their lives but it’s great to see them again.

It’s been below 0˚ each day so far, but Matt and I have never seen so much snow so at this stage the cold is simply exhilarating.

The metro is idiot-proof and what we have seen of the city so far is rather lovely. Most of it is covered in snow right now but there are delicious bits poking up out of it like the tiled gatepost above at Parc de Portugal.


One thought on “Baby, it’s cold outside.

  1. Good to hear from you

    Hi – glad you are there safely and snofely. That means kept safe by snow. Haven’t seen the rivulet thing yet but may snudge off at lunchtime to do so. xx yrbr

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