Penguin hunt

Pals, Stella and Niall, have been in town from Edinburgh but have now returned home. I saw from Nialls facebook page that he’s now very jetlagged and am NOT loking forward to that feeling myself.

I didn’t spend anywhere near enough time with them but we had a lovely couple of days together on Bruny Island.

A wee bit of drama with the keys to our accom. left on the kitchen table, but it turns out Niall and I are as dodgy as all get-out and we had (harmlessly) broken in within about 10 minutes.

Cue all exits and entrances via a large window, but we were warm and dry, drinking awesome experimental wines and eating a super-smelly Bruny made soft cheese (washed in pinot, wrapped in vine leaves, mmmmmmmmm) that night.

The photo is me looking for penguins in the dark as shearwaters crash land into the sand and scrub all around us. I loved that bit.


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