Laugh and grow fat.

The truck driving took me to the home of the delightful Tara Badcock of the Teacosy Revolution to return a sculptural work of hers.

She and her partner Rainier live in a lovely house on a sheep farm at Chudleigh.

Over tea (what else?) she showed me some old poultry magazines recently won in a farm auction she went to. This ad in particular caught my fancy.

How wonderful for this to have once been someone’s goal in life.


6 thoughts on “Laugh and grow fat.

  1. I know!
    I… er… think I may already have…

    I’m currently working hard to up the laffs as much as possible… the fat, however, seems to be taking care of itself.

  2. how lovely to visit with Tara

    oh, Sally –
    It sounds like a bit of heaven. There is now doubt you are probably in Montreal now. Sure would love to see you and ya’lls work. (a contraction most used in the deep American south)

    We are still in recovery mode here. My parents call several times a day. Somehow I am managing to teach and tend to emergent needs. Montreal would be better…. colder… but better!

    Have a blast.
    Call me if you want. It might be cheap.
    804.303.5495 or even text message me, for old times sake, at 804.615.0754


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