Damo’s Network

Damo Suzuki came to stay again, but this time to play not just for a holiday. Here is an appalling photo of all three of us at the airport on his way back off the island.

Damo Suzuki’s Network is how he travels the globe, hooking up with musicians in each location and just getting on stage and making ‘instant composition’. He is a fascinating man and a very calming influence. He is so tiny I always feel like some monstrous giant smothering him with my bosoms when we hug.

His network this time consisted of Matt on drums, Reggie Norris from Moe Grizzly (I am a come-lately convert) on guitar, the worship-worthy Leigh Hobba on sax and bass clarinet, Scot Cotterell on electronic bleepy noises and our very talented ‘mate-from-Launceston’ with more pedals than anyone in the world, Mat Anderson on bass.

It rocked. It rocked hard. The entire band played off each other more wonderfully than I could ever have hoped. I think they had a ball.

Damo arrived and went onstage on no sleep due to an unfortunate sequence of missed and regained flights + a drama with lost baggage so I found him a particularly remarkable performer. I hope he has his stuff back by now.

Come again next year Damo, please, please pretty, please…


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