10-4 and whatnot

What have I been doing to make a crust since leaving CAST?

Well, in addition to a smidgen of freelance stuff, I’ve been doing a little truck driving for them, delivering and collecting exhibitions from around the State. It gets me back up North to my home turf, to see my Mum and Dad, the galleries up there and the odd pal too.

Since being forced into learning how to drive a 3 tonne on the job by an errant car hire company who spontaneously and carelessly replaced my CONFIRMED van (I’m looking at YOU, Europcar, Hobart!) I am now rather grateful for their lack of good service and general rudeness as it turns out I LOVE driving trucks and am so happy I know how.

We deal with another company now anyway, who are kind and sweet and offer excellent service (as opposed to whatever it was we got at the other place).

If you are ever forced to deal with the aforementioned company, look out for a chap I refer to as Ginger Nuts on the front desk. He is particularly adept at not giving a shit.


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