Snowflakes and Nylon

Sometimes I discover an artist who just fills me with a total joy in what they are doing. They tackle issues so gently, charmingly and playfully that they never feel bossy or instructive. They just inspire you to want to go play with them and join in their jolly crusade.

This morning I stumbled over Finnish artist Riitta Ikonen while trawling through the web waiting for some video to render.

The work pictured is Snowflake from 2007.

For two years now we haven’t had snow in Finland for Christmas. This is very unusual and worrying and prompted me to start an ongoing site specific project looking at the effects of global warming.

I also like the project Human Nylon where she took on the role of the man-made fabric in order to investigate and honour the importance it has in our lives.

But having long held an interest in the concept of making artworks for animals myself (I’ve just never worked out quite how I want to do it yet), the work I loved most of all was the public service artwork for urban wildlife Don’t be a Roadkill. Ikonen ‘performed’ as roadkill to educate squirrels and the like about road safety and distributed fortune cookies for them amongst the parks, containing road safety instructions and affirmative messages like “I will not become a roadkill today”.

You can see more on her website HERE.


One thought on “Snowflakes and Nylon

  1. eeeek! I love her. I want to dress up as a giant snowflake and toss myself off mount wellington. With a parachute. And a huge trampoline to land on at the bottom.

    I think an art fete is a wonderful idea! A twilight art fete!
    I think we should float the idea with the ladies.


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