Le vernissage de Groupe D est ouvert

So HIATUS finally opened on Friday to a nice crowd and a warm reception. I got caught up in the buzz and forgot to take photos for the most part so pictured here are a few of the die-hards just before we closed bar and doors.

HIATUS features Lena Stuart and my 50/50 photographs that you would have seen growing here as a collection (if you check in regularly) + a similar call and response audio work called (dis)integration by the other two members of D Group, Matt Warren (mine spouse) and Jean-Yves Thériault.

(dis)integration is a truly beautiful thing that got a little lost in the opening buzz – if you were there at the opening I fully recommend revisiting for some quiet listening time.

Either that or you can purchase one of our lovely catalogues for $20AUD which contains full colour images of the entire 50/50 collection + a CD of (dis)integration. Hey – what value!

They are available at the gallery but I reckon we could also swing a paypal and postage deal if you are elsewhere and keen to get your hands on one.

We will be doing an artists talk next Saturday, February 9 at 1:00pm which will also include Jean-Yves and Lena live from Montreal (in some fashion) through the marvels of technology. All are welcome.

In Inflights smaller gallery at the same time is a terriffic work, CONSTRUCT, by Carolyn Wigston. Those of you who think you know her work will be very suprised. It’s smart and funny (which, incidentally, is NOT why you’ll be suprised).

Thanks to all of you who came out to support us.

HIATUS will continue at Inflight until February 23. Gallery is open from Wednesday to Friday from 1 – 5.


One thought on “Le vernissage de Groupe D est ouvert

  1. Opening!

    Oh Congratulations D group. Wish I could have been there in person but I was certainly there in spirit. We are in Tallinn now and very happy to be here in the bitter cold and snow and freezing wind. This is my kind of weather. We get up early to walk around and then settle down in the afternoon to work. Later we settle down for serious beer drinking in the Ku-Ku Klubi (I’m not kiddling about the name!)


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