Lookie. A sneaky-peek at the first new video work shot for 2008. A long way from finished but as you can see a big widescreen two-parter.

It’s for Victor Medrano’s Lucha Libre show at Inflight in March. As I will be kicking up the slush in Montreal at that time I had to get cracking NOW.

The chap with me is the everfresh Witchlord Andrew Harper (fellow Tasmanian artist, performer and shit-stirrer) who kindly agreed to wrestle me for an evening. We didn’t hurt each other once. This is a happy outcome but also quite amazing really.

I am proud to say he and his own work currently feature in the latest edition of the Fortean Times in an article on occult film. Nestled up next to Jodorowsky and Kenneth Anger, no less. Impressive connections n’est pas?

Harps will also be performing a new work called ACRID at 6A this Friday (Jan 25 from 8pm). Matty and Mr Scott Cotterell will be backing him audio-wise but the planning seems a bit hush-hush so it will all be news to me when it goes off. I imagine there will be some cursing (not cussing… well, actually…) of a Brian Blessed-ish volume and something to do with film and something to do with wee. But I may be wrong… Actually come to think of it , I reckon I may be the first person ever to get Harpie in to speak some lines and then direct him to remain subdued… Yay for me… breaking the rules…

Art and some vibes – 6A Friday. It’s good for you.


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