les hot pies and rolls

So I’m sitting here in Melbourne in a shitty food court drinking an even shittier coffee because I hoped to access the shopping centres free wireless connection – which turns out to have been down for the last few days. So I now am typing to post later.

I should have twigged to the shitty coffee quality from the name – Le Croissant Connection. Had I looked closer at their menu board before I ordered I would also have noticed that along with les sandwiches de la maison and la patisserie (fine enough I suppose) they also serve les drinks and best of all les hot pies and rolls. I should have run away screaming but I wanted that free internet sooooo bad.

There’s something about no budget travel that makes one shamelessly grabby. I ate a ridiculously huge (free) breakfast at my hotel this morning because I know it means I won’t need to eat again until late. I keep scouring the city waving Matt’s laptop around (his is the only one in our house with an airport card so he lent it me for this trip) searching for leaky internet. The Hotel Sophia where I am housed sort of promoted itself as free wireless for all but it’s actually four bucks an hour! I paid for one happy session lying on the bed doing my email thang but it’s too luxurious to do again.

But I no complain – this airfare and my hotel were a goodbye present from CAST so I could come see the Christian Marclay show ‘REPLAY MARCLAY’ at ACMI. I was intensely moved by the thoughtfulness of this giftie and shed the only tear of my last day there in gratitude.
This exhibition has made me very VERY happy and I will go back again today dragging Nick with me if possible. I’ll write about the show in detail later.

Have just moved to the free wireless connection location of my dreams… except I can’t friggin’ connect here either… but at least Magnation on Elizabeth St has EXCELLENT coffee, spots to get comfy and is happy for you to sit forever reading any magazine they have on the shelf. Hmm… I planned to go see the Gordon Bennett show at Ian Potter and also pop in to ACCA and if I COULD connect maybe I would never leave here so perhaps it’s all for the best…

ADDENDUM: blog eventually posted using expensive hotel connection after all but from the comfort of my own bed at least.


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