Obligatory NY post

Happy New Year, anyone who reads this! 2008 – ‘aint it great.

I’ve been v. quiet, online at least. The end of last year was a whirr of activity trying to get everything done before I finished up at the gallery, then Christmas jumped right in on my ass with visitors, presents and all that that entails. I ran out of time to make things so the kids were all bought gifts while Matt and I made and packed boxes of peanut butter fudge and sugarplums for grownups.

I had a great last day at CAST, and wound up by making a new desktop picture for my replacement, Joy (the queen of all that is pink and sparkly) with a big pink poodle on it. I think he may have been wearing a tiara. Then I was wined and dined by my colleagues until we were joined by a party of ex-con ‘boat drinkers’; as good a time as any to pick up sticks and move on to more drinks with our office neighbours. We saw a man with his pants down on Warwick street outside the men’s hostel on the way back. He was leaning in a car window talking to some ‘ladies’. What a sunny, weird and funny afternoon! Bossy and I had some more liquid goodbyes at the pub after that and then I toddled and wobbled my way home all tired and emotional.

Some people get tattoos when they’re drunk. I however, came home and signed up for the Australia Councils register of peers. No terrible drama as I’d been meaning to do it anyway but I WAS impressed by my own ability not to fall into the clichés of boozing.

Visitors from the UK Martin and Britta rejoined with us on Christmas Eve after their Queenstown residency and stayed with us through to the New Year, bar a brief respite to Maria Island, at which time they were replaced here by Nick and Delta on the inflat-o-mattress.

Christmas was lovely, Family at lunch/friends into the evening which always turns me into something of a food-pushing mama. Britta kept suggesting I sit down and relax but I LOVE getting all festive and foodie and will keep producing plates of yum and eavesdropping on other peoples conversations until people pass out under the weight of all that fruit and cheese. It’s my idea of a good time. I make a very good Spanish salad with oranges and red onion and for Xmas I made it twice.

NYE was quiet with friends in the back yard too. Jolly, jolly times strapping glowsticks to Charlotte Lewis’s fat baby legs and spazzing them around (the sticks, not the legs) while Britta practiced her shutter tricks, as evidenced above.

We woke up January first with visitors flown away in the early morning. An empty house then, and back to real life. So now I am self-employed (or is that just a fancy term for UNemployed) and oh, so busy preparing for the first three shows of the year and Montreal. Actually, two of those shows and a grant application are due while we are IN Montreal… Wheee. Montreal ahoy.

2008, you might just be awesome. Boo, hiss, boo 2007. 2008 – right on.

EDIT: photos by the lovely Ms Britta Polmuller. Thank you, I love them! Safe travels, dear. X


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