name my shop, PLEASE!

Look! I knitted socks for me. Apparantly out of clown vomit, although Caz assures me they are more like micro-thermal imaging of my feet. That wasn’t how luddite Cazzy put it but that’s what she meant. I think her words were ‘hot-camera thing only more detailed’.

I also made that skirt. It is an awesome skirt even if I do say so myself and strangers stop me in shops and ask where it came from. I enjoyed drafting the pattern and sewing it so much I am thinking of using up my vintage fabric collection to make a few to put up for sale in an Etsy store to see if I can pad out the coffers a bit in this next weird unemployed art year.

I am also making softies (no socks – too long to make, too much a love labour) and some brooches. Some brooches of guppies. Yes, the fish. I am filling the market void of guppy jewellery. They’re gonna be really cute actually… here’s a sneaky peek before they hit the scroll saw.

I WAS going to call this shop SKIRT but then I started making other things so the name feels a little defunct. I now desperately need a name for my shop and if anyone comes up with a good one before I do, I will give them a prize.

The prize will probably be shaped like a fish.


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