We went to see the Anton Corbijn biopic of Ian Curtis Control on Sunday night. It was pretty good stuff.

I walked away from it thinking about how when you see something that has been made so beautifully, you become sensitive to how most of what you look at looks like shit.

Sam Riley’s portrayal of Curtis got a little spooky at times.

More people should take this kind of care in what they produce.


8 thoughts on “control

  1. yeah… it’s a flawed movie for sure (most are) but it looks amazing and I found we were thinking and talking about it for days afterwards.

    I like that in a fillum.

  2. so we just saw it and at first i was incredibly ticked at ian curtis for not getting his shit together and being a man and taking responsibility for his child (jy arguing that he couldn’t because of his epilepsy/depression), but i was more pissed at his band and the stupid mates game of not cluing the significant other on to the extra-curricular activities – because no one wants to rock the boat and potentially harm the band, because the band is the THING and the THING must be protected and god i hate men in bands. . . anyhoo, i guess they got it back in the end because curtis went and killed himself anyway. am i being too unkind? probably. maybe i’ll feel differently tomorrow.

  3. Yeah, well I spent quite a bit of time having all those feelings while watching it – wondered what I was supposed to feel for Curtis when he just came across as this self-absorbed guy. Troubled, sure, but completely unwilling to try for the sake of anyone else – wife, babby or girlfriend. I bring to it a real anger and resentment towards suicides in general, mind.

    Then at the end with the closing text I went into the “Fuck – only 23” headspace. Of course he was a self-absorbed idiot, unable to cope with responsibility. Everyone kind of is at that age, eh? Let alone when battling a serious health condition and depression.

    Then I was angry for this sudden manipulitive jerk-around with the text at the end… then I became interested that my opinion was changing every ten minutes…

    Looked stunning with great performances though, I thought.

  4. Yes, I agree, it was a beautiful film. But when I consider that the drummer of a band JY toured with recently, Decapitated, died as a result of a road accident on Thursday, at 23 yrs of age, I feel less sympathy for Curtis than I might have previously…

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