So a couple of weeks ago Pip and I went and had our pole/exotic dance class. I confess to having a new appreciation for the athleticism of the whole exercise but frankly – we were bollocks. And not in any entertaining or comedic way either. Just absolutely rubbish.

Since then we have both been approached by text message about attending more and different classes (still on the exotic dance theme) by the Queen of Poles with Pip recently besieged with invitations that we attend a Pole Dancing Party. For $30 each. At her Mum’s.

Feels less sexy, more… hmm… Amway…

Lap up the stills because for the first time since I was an undergrad working with giant, fragile Umatic tapes in an analogue suite, I will be reusing these tapes. Thanks Tricky Walsh for coming along to be Camera 2. Sorry your pain was in vain.

It’s just not art.


4 thoughts on “poles

  1. Yes. Yes I will. Let me know if you want to grab any more from the tapes but I suspect these will probably do…

    Sorry if I shattered your illusions about how frickin’-frackin’ sexeh and riviting we were…

  2. no no sal,

    they made me smile,(so they have served a purpose) i’d like to see thenm juxtaposed with the kate moss writhing in the white stipes video (?)


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