I didn’t win anything in the City of Hobart Art Prize (as predicted) but overcame my anxieties and now just love Lucky as a big printed and framed work so much – I can’t wait to get the others done (wow- it only took what… 3 years?) + some money is going to come into the art kitty to help facilitate that very soon.

A while ago I was cheering for Devonport Regional Gallery who had asked to purchase two of my video works. They purchased Encore pretty much on the spot but took some time to decide on the second.

Well they have now decided and not only that they are going to take ONE MORE. That makes three, hear me? THREE! They will also be acquiring The Groove (2003) and The Last Farewell (2005) which means other than Mustang Sally they will come close to owning my full MFA submission. Cool huh?

Victor Medrano is curating a lucha libre themed show (made up of me, my dearest Caz Rodwell and Jamin) which has been accepted onto the Inflight program for March next year. I have acquired a wrestling partner and we’ll try and work up something good.

The other big art news is that I have been offered a space for a solo show in the Burnie Regional Art Gallery in early 2009. Burnie is where I grew up and the gallery there is a great space, very controllable. This all means a great deal to me and I hope I’m going to be able to land some funding for a nice catalogue. The amazing Cath Robinson has already agreed to design it for me. This will be extra important as it is actually going to be a little ‘new’ and ‘crazy’ for them to have a video show up there and the audience is going to need all the help they can get.

Right now it’s famous for it’s amazing collection of works on paper.

Hehehehe… and then there’s me… hehehehe…


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