never leave a project unfinished

so… I had to put a halt to the knitting for a while as I was starting to use it as a fairly unhealthy form of escapism. Not as unhealthy as a smack-habit I suppose but not ‘rock solid’ ne’er the less…

HOWEVER – I am now feeling a little more stable and was able to FINISH PHILLIP’S SOCKS!

Look aren’t they beauties? Now Pippy has much skinnier legs and bigger feet than me so the fact that they look tight in the legs and baggy in the feet is how they are supposed to be OK?

I gave them to him on Friday and we are suffering a bit of a cold snap this weekend so I hope their completion is as timely as it seems.

The impetus for this step is that all my favourite socks seem to be full of holes and dying and I have needles and a bumper basket of glorified string so I have now started a pair for ME!

Hooray for me, I say.


4 thoughts on “never leave a project unfinished

  1. what about me

    They look fab Sal,well done!

    I wish I could knit i had a lesson about 6 months ago from my friend Rona, but the needles and wool sat folrn in a draw ever since.

    you know winter is come up here and i think it is going to be a cold one…hint hint

  2. Re: what about me

    How big are your feet Stell? Size 8?
    Better get out the tape measure and give me a length and a circumference…

    But do remember that Phillip didn’t get his until winter was over…. + I am currently working on two pairs for me (first sock half done), slippers for Monica (one is finished- little aqua silk/wool slippers that fasten with pretty sparkly buttons… much quicker.. sure you wouldn’t rather slippers?) and a crochet rag rug. Matt’s Pet Sounds sweater vest has fallen by the wayside (needs rethinking)…

    Oh I also need two wee pairs of cotton baby socks for Susie and Pip (my neice) ‘s babies both due in November. Shit Sean and Ange are having one any minute now too… that’s three pairs of little cotton socks.

    But with measurements – consider your order taken… I have a new toe-up method for socks and seem to be getting faster. + your feet are a little smaller than the feet I’ve been knitting for…

    I also have an embarrassingly huge stash of yarns to get through….

  3. Re: what about me

    Slippers would be good, I’m not fussy, just jelous that everyone seems to get knitted wear but me. (this is not directed at you, it is just somthing i have noticed, I know a number of knitters and have yet to receive a single hand knitted item, I have to resort to buying them off unknown grandma’s, sadly no CWA here. )

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