New York story

In January of 2001 I spent 3 weeks in New York and fell seriously in love with the place. This photo is of Stella and I caught in a snowstorm at around 4 in the morning. Photo credit goes to a drunken irishman.

While there we were occasionally (force) entertained by the son of our hosts, a self-involved jewish guy with a lazy eye named Harry. Harry loved well-endowed women (he was very attentive… yikes…) rock music and… Weird Al Yancovic. Harry told me that one of his hobbies was also writing ‘comedy’ song parodies of his favourite rock hits. There were many, many that I have since forgotten but the one that has stuck with me forever was a parody of an Aerosmith song. His version – ‘Lovin’ a deli waiter’.

Cast your mind back… have you got the original?


EDIT 1/11/07: I didn’t realise it was so obscure! Love in an Elevator, Lovin’ a deli waiter… gettit… you know maybe this story isn’t as funny as I thought…


5 thoughts on “New York story

  1. the ‘smith

    Er, I guess I don’t know many Aerosmith songs. Janie’s Got a Gun? Walk This Way? I am out of my depth and am going to slip out of this thread by the side door…

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