Bunny Update

The rabbits haven’t been news and that’s because everything is just fine. But they deserve some attention, so here goes.

Gino (or Bubba as he gets called most of the time, now) seems to have stopped growing and we are wondering if he is now going to stay a tiny wee thing forever, his heritage being a bit of an unknown factor. There is so much hairdo action between cuts and combs that we often think of him as a very short Jon Bon Jovi. A cross between him and a tiny suffolk sheep.

He has eaten the front out of my grooming apron and I now have to stuff a newspaper down the front for him to shred while I do the comb-out. He only chomps on while having his hair done and whenever else I pick him up he licks my face like a puppy and snuggles into my neck. He’s a pretty affectionate little guy and we have become very fond.

Noodle is now more used to him and happily curls up with him through the day but sometimes loses patience with his hyper-drive madness (have I ever mentioned how he moves like he is in fast forward ALL the time?)and gives him a nip. She also feels the need to impress her superiority around food and I often find a little chomp mark on his back while I’m grooming him. Naughty Noo-Noo. We have taken to bribing her with sultanas whenever we see her treating him real nice which seems to be working but she is already a little fat…

Roll on, nice weather because with it comes backyard Rabbit Jogging.



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