have you ever dreamt about me?

In any capacity? However vague?

Someone told me they once dreamt they saw me getting out of my Mitsubishi Sigma on the side of the road in North Hobart. I was wearing a t-shirt with something like a superhero logo on the front that said ‘Sigma Girl’.

I’m trying to collect and document these nocturnal appearances for an upcoming project. I’m interested in ALL appearances no matter how dull or vague.

So – tell me about it in as much detail as you can remember in an email to sallyrees70@gmail.com or just post it below (not signing in to WP or using openID will allow you to post anonymously).

Cheers dears.


10 thoughts on “have you ever dreamt about me?

  1. my dream about Sally

    The first thing I said when I woke up this morning was:

    “I just dreamt about Sally Rees. In my dream I said to her, “Hey Sally! No. I never have had a dream about you.”

    There was more but it’s gone….. I can’t remember anything else.”

    I’m still trying to remember the rest. But now I have had a dream about you.

    x Dianna

  2. very GREEN room….

    I used to have a semi-regular dream about you alot, many years ago (and no it wasn’t rude!)- but not for some time now. The dream involved me waking up in your very GREEN room at your place in Burnie when we were at Hellyer College together. The dream was about you, but you weren’t physically in it (can you be physically IN a dream- good question!) and it was more a feeling of being incredibly awake and aware, if that makes any sense. Just your green room- so messy and all that stuff on the walls etc and your bed pushed over into one corner. I still remember the colour very vividly and its easy for me to recall. I think the dream is about how I was waking up to the world around me and the possibilities and creativeness of that time- that of course, you were much a part of for me.

  3. Dream

    Last night I dreamed this.

    I was in a corridor and I saw people one after another taking a clear ziplock-baggy like sack of creamy goo and squeezing it into their mouths and swallowing it, then they took a plastic tube and gave themselves enemas with the same goo by using a hand pump like the kind on a beer keg rental, afterwards they got x-rayed then they puked up the goo and shit out the goo.

    You were not in the dream but it was a year ago to the day that I saw you do something similar.


  4. curse of the blonde curlies

    From my Myspack inbox

    “Shit mate, I had a bizaaro facebook dream last night. Facebook was actually based on a jet boat (think miami vice style) and just a front for a huge international spy organisation. You and I were on the boat drinking blue cocktails. The spy’s liked our blonde curls but we were shit scared. We were plotting an escape but cry baby Jack woke me up prematurely.”

  5. Sal Gal

    I had this dream a few years ago…. I told a few people so It stuck.
    We were at a pyjama party together with a group of friends… big brother style with bunny ears on heads and I became aware that a group had gone into a bedroom down the hall and there was lots of shrieking and laughter so I went to investigate… I found you in the middle of the group holding something of mine in your hand (of a rather personal nature… something that you hold in your hand that vibrates.. and is a hell of a lot of fun) and you refused to give it back! It all worked out well though.

  6. Credit card numbers aside, my dreams of you have always involved glimpses of hilly and sparsely landscape accompanied by snatches of unfamiliar instrumental music.

  7. finally, finally, i have dreamt about you.

    you and me are bending over a lily pond and we are scooping up
    purple (!) water liliies into a plastic bag, mattis in
    a room watching television and on the tv, we are seen
    pickin the water lilllies. what does this mean, ?

  8. dream

    Sally Sally,

    you’re not going to believe this, but you were in my dream, only a small part, but there… I jumped out of bed and tried to call CAST but no answer – so here it is in email, let me get this right……

    You me and Michael left the final CAST meeting – only the scenery was totally different. The building was dark with a low ceiling – it was really 1970s, heavy, brown….and when we walked out we walk straight onto a beach. On the beach was my car – but my car looked different, it was grey and while looked new to me in my dream it also was heavy and 1980s, like something out of terminator or back to the future. There were a couple of people by a small round fire, marked out with rocks, I went and sat down next to them, you and Michael walked over, but wouldn’t sit down, just stood over us and with the sun behind you, which casted shadows on your faces.I asked if you both wanted to stay and after I would drive you home, but it was only sunlight for another hour or so, and you both wanted to leave, and walk home. Michael kept trying to explain that this was my last meeting, but I already knew, and he kept repeating himself in different ways, as if he thought I didn’t understand or wasn’t listening. This is pretty much the only part you play – you were getting frustrated with him that he – and a little embarrassed – that he kept repeating himself. Every time he would, I would look a little confused but politely say, yep, sure I know, but you would turn around in frustration and say, Jesus Michael she knows, stop repeating yourself, you’re doing it again. but he would just stay really calm, look a little hurt, but just go “mm”, and then repeat himself. Anyway, that’s pretty much all you both do in my dream, because then you both decided to leave and you walk along the beach into the dark forest at the end.

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