Roman Mysteries

I spent some family time on Sunday at my brother, Chris’s new super-sunny house catching up with him, his wife Elf, two of my nephews, Marcus (5) and Michael (3) and my Mum and Dad who were on a quick blow-in visit.

Dad looks great and is about 10 days away from his next operation. Mum always looks great.

Marcus spent most of the time I was there drawing quietly. He has a new calmness at the moment which is maybe just a new maturity.

Michael is crazy about letters and typography. He put this together himself, building the missing letters out of Lego. Apparantly it’s the name of a TV show so he has seen it written which is how he kinda knows what to do but I think it must be the sound of the words that grabs him… what other reason does a 3 year old have to write Roman Mysteries?


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