In other news…

Hey! I resigned!
I will finish up at the gallery when we break for Xmas. Probably Xmas eve will be my last day.

The important things to know about this are:
a) No, I don’t have another job to go to which is a little scary but;
b) I feel a whole lot better about all kinds of stuff + I’m working well in the studio again and;
c) in a time where I haven’t been confident about much I am confident that this is the right move and;
d) with ups and downs and such taken into account we have been a close-knit little package in that office so I will miss the esteemed collegues quite a bit. I hope we’ll still get to hang out sometime.

Now I’ll shut up about it because no one is handing me an Oscar.

It’s been real.


7 thoughts on “In other news…

  1. You deserve an Oscar and also a Tom Collins

    I just wanted you to know that I’m a user now. So I don’t have to type those laborious words “yr brthr” – which of couse is welsh for “ill-timed sneeze”.

  2. Well done Sal, onto pastures new, wouldn’t worry about not having a job to go to your given a lot of notice, just don’t get complacent Christmas will sneak up on you and jump out from behind the door scaring the bejessers out of you.

    Stella from da Burgh

  3. I know I know, everybody is saying that. I am about to crumble to the pressure and join the 21st century world of competitive registerd friend numbers and E-networking. And with words like that being bandied about who can blame me for holding on to my ludite tendencies, besides I’m sure it is genetic. And who am i to fight genetics?


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