I’m $189,000,000 worth of pissed off

That’s how much Howard promised Australia’s Christian community he would spend ‘cleaning up the internet’ last night.

In a transparent dive for the Christan… wait… I’m sorry… ‘Family’ vote (since when did one equal the other, I might ask) he has promised to crackdown on ‘cyber-smut’ and provide filtering software free to every household in the nation.

I might just add here that most internet browsers already contain filters in their preferences, and that I would have thought the best way to keep your kids safe from child predators and web-porn is to supervise their use and to talk to them about all this stuff.

…but maybe that’s just me.

A wee fraction of that amount could do wonders for the state of the public health system is all I’m sayin’…

OK… back to pictures of rabbits and art n’ that….


9 thoughts on “I’m $189,000,000 worth of pissed off

  1. aarghh.

    I have HUGE problems with babysitting tactics from the government – legislation that is apparently for our own safety (please thrown in sarcastic italics where appropriate) and basically takes responsibility away from the individual and the community and places it in the hands of People Who Know What’s Best For You. I believe this creates more problems because people no longer take responsibility for their own behaviour, believing it to be the realm of unknown others to tell them what is right and wrong.
    I could go on forever….

  2. Sing it, Sister.

    I’m so sick of these incredibly expensive vote-fishing initiatives taking place at the expense of the real basic survival stuff.

    Like how to get treated for a life threatening condition within 8 months of diagnosis…

  3. a) Amen to that and b) IE Ratings – they’re a hoot

    No-one uses Internet Explorer any more but some time you should have a look in the IE “Ratings” preference. You can set four different categories to the level you are comfortable with: Violence, Sex, Nudity and Language. My fave option is “Clothed Sexual Touching”. The lowest level of Violence is “Harmless Conlict; some damage to objects”. yr brthr

    ps is that Pip actually Philippa Lucy?

  4. Re: a) Amen to that and b) IE Ratings – they're a hoot

    Nah. Pip Stafford.

    Yes yes… I have a memory of having to fiddle with the IE preferences to get at what I needed when working temporarily in a school and coming across ‘Clothed Sexual Touching’… just how does a computer detect that in an image?

    Clothes + hands? The Womans Weekly Fresh Spring Knits book is definitely out of bounds then… but probably should be anyway…

  5. Re: a) Amen to that and b) IE Ratings – they're a hoot

    Long Live Clothed sexual porn.
    You know, it’s where you walk down the Vinnies aisle going ‘Cotton, cotton, spandex, Oooh…Polyester…’
    Lovely night the other one – you were in good form there tots,

  6. Re: a) Amen to that and b) IE Ratings – they're a hoot

    it was a very nice opening. bigger than texas. nice work ladies. long live 6a.

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