…so this is what 37 looks like…

I turned 37 yesterday and had a day of balancing trying to keep a low profile at work with feeling deliciously swamped by a lot of affection from all over the place. Last night Matt and I ate fantastically good food at our favourite restaurant. Matt bought me a beautiful silver pin shaped like a happy fox and rabbit holding hands and skipping and a DVD of one of my favourite films, Sante Sangre (previously only owned on an aging VHS tape). Sometimes I like to start shouting ‘Holy blood, it’s holy BLOOOOOOOOD’ as a cathartic device thanks to that film…

At 37 I generally feel like a very lucky girl. I feel healthier and smarter than ever before. On the downside my confidence is probably at it’s lowest.. Believe it or not I once was actually a more heady cocktail of cocky and snotty all at once. Sometimes I still manage snotty but it get’s rolled in with bratty these days… and a little sleepy too…

On my birthday last year I was wandering lost with loved ones around a formerly communist housing estate in the Czech Republic. We circled a cemetary, got back to where we first lost our way, and ended up having a
beer in a Czech MacDonalds where it was cheaper than soft drinks or bottled water.

7 years earlier on my 30th, I was winning money on a horse at the BC cup, in Vancouver and drinking my friend Jamie’s delicious chocolate martinis.

While in Melbourne, the other week, Mum and I went to see the Guggenheim Collection: 1940’s to now at the NGV. It took quite a few rounds of me saying ‘oh yes – there is another edition of that work in the Pompidou collection, I saw it in Paris’ or ‘Ahhh I remember seeing that one when I was in NY just pre-September 11…’ before, in a brief moment of astral travelling outside my own body, I realised that I sounded like a complete wanker!

But I also realised that I’ve been living a life I never would have imagined 20 years earlier when I was just kickin’ out into my first home away from my family with a totally unsuitable boyfriend and a really dumb job.

It’s a pretty cool life and that’s a pretty good feeling, actually. Even though 37 does look kinda tired…


3 thoughts on “…so this is what 37 looks like…

  1. birthday bises

    The Harryman and I are blowing birthday bises to you across the water. We both seem to be blessed with good men and a taste for adventure, dear Sal. Remind me to count them when I am down since it is easy to forget at this state of antiquity (the stage where you know you’ve seen it ALL somewhere but who the heck knows where? LOTS of Art, one’s house keys, a small piece of paper with a mobile number on it… etc. etc. etc) 37… Do what thou wilt, love. The time is now. Decrepitude manages to find the very best hiders and seekers!

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