under my wheels

Oooooh – I forgot to say that Alice Cooper was awesome. There he is there, isn’t he awesome?

From go to whoah – that man knows what a crowd wants. There was one hit after another with the new songs slipped in seamlessly. He set an amazing Ramones-style pace for a chap of his vintage and didn’t seem to need a little lie-down until well into the second half. I think it was just a costume change really, while his daughter, Calico did a bit of a floaty and bendy dance – work and his band did a three man drum solo, but I’m sure he had a quick cuppa and a sit-down on a Jason Recliner placed conveniently just behind the giant spider set.

He drove a stake through the heart of a plastic baby, slapped a giant dolly around and got hung on a gallows-on-wheels at the end but it’s hard to talk highlights… the songs are all so good and there were so many I wanted to hear (I wasn’t disapointed – there was a Welcome to my Nightmare medley in there).

It’s far, far easier to say there are two AC songs I hate: Bed of Nails and No More Love at Your Convenience. I heard neither and therefore was a happy, happy girl.

I remember a few wee kiddies bursting into tears and having to be removed during Steven and I was struck by the fact that for an ode to necrophilia, Cold Ethyl sure does rock.

The only disapointment was the size of the crowd but this could have been resolved by putting up one or two of those posters being flogged on the merch stand. Fire your Australian promoters Alice, I’ll get you a LEGION next time…

In other observations – Launceston has a hellova lot of fat people in it and they all love Alice Cooper. I don’t meant to be unkind and I am MORE than aware of my own portly stature but these folk were real, proper, Dr Phil watching fatties and I’ve never seen so many (particularly with such odd fashion choices) hanging out in the one room… weird…

So anyhow, thanks Alice – I had a ball. I heard you got a round of golf in at the Launceston Country Club as well so that’s nice. Come back soon.


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