…that stands for City of Hobart Art Prize (my acronym not theirs).

It opened last night – I didn’t win of course as predicted because I’m still only pretending to be a photographer and don’t really know what I’m doing yet but whatever, Lucky is currently hangin’ up there with the best of ’em.

I was a little dissaponted when I saw it amongst the others actually. I had believed my print was HUUUUUGE until a saw it looking quite piddly really, when placed amongst the others. The frame looks great – heavy and black – but I was jealous of the prints pinned straight to the wall… I think mine might look better without the glass… it really interferes with the print surface… or maybe it’s just the lighting… anyhoo I’m looking forward to framing the others and seeing them all together but I’ll have to drum up a lot of $$$ first cause it’s an expensive process.

If you go and you like it – there is a peoples choice award… hint hint – but there are a lot of lovelies in there. Matt Calvert’s crushed glass little boy is so beautiful and David Martins Sun photo lightbox is exquiz.

Lisa Garland won the Moorilla Photography prize for a sensational portrait. She comes from my wee home town and still lives and works there, photographing the locals in their homes and her pix have a lot of heart. I was so pleased she was a prizewinner.

I spoke to a lot of lovely people at the opening who were very kind to Madame Amatuer (i.e. ME) about my work. Jane Burton who is a very super-fancy photog at a national level and who came from here long long ago was one of them. Folks are kind. But I think I’ve exposed myself as a dabbler… Never mind, I can only get better at it eh?

Everyone thinks Matt’s leg is lovely too which he is finding a little overwhelming.

I was very anxious and drank too much and now I have a hangover.


2 thoughts on “C.O.H.A.P.

  1. to be there!

    the world is getting smaller! Did Jane attend the opening? I met her when I was in Paris via our mutual friend Yvette. She and Fab, her partner, were great fun to hang with. Please give them all – Yvette, Jane and Fab hugs from Harry and I the next time you see them. I love LUCKY, BTW and would love to have a print from that series. Cheers – AO

  2. Re: to be there!

    Aww thanks Amie.
    Yes, Jane was there, I hadn’t seen her for years and had NO idea she and Yvette knew each other.

    It IS a small world, huh?

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