Warning: This a post about nothing really, other than a nice day out. You’ve been warned.

There is currently a Tasmanian hay shortage with no fresh crops predicted until maybe September.

Rabbits have to have hay to eat. It’s really important for their little guts and teeth. They haven’t had bales of mixed grass hay at my rural suppliers for months and I had been reduced to buying ridiculously expensive pre-packed bags from pet shops but even those pre-packing companies have run out.

When I went scouring the petshops for any tiny scrap on Thursday they would tell me just to up the bunnies fresh fruit and veg. I would tell them that that would make them scour and intimate that perhaps if they are going to SELL rabbits and guinea pigs perhaps they should make sure they can provide people with the right things to feed them – indeed perhaps feed them the right stuff themselves. But I’m sure I just came across as the mad rabbit lady… *sigh*

Because of this dilemna, Matt and I were forced to spend my Saturday off on a Southern Tasmanian hay-hunt, so we stacked the car (we still have Mum and Dads. They’re in NSW until Wednesday.) with a quick selection of CDs (all from the B section as it turned out. Black Sabbath, Bjork, Blondie, The Band…etc. It’s rather lovely to be driving home as the sun goes down with ‘Unfaithful Servant’ playing, just so you know) and just took off.

I thought I may be able to get some tips from ‘Horse-world’ in Derwent Park so we started there. They suggested Websters in Bridgewater, who were closed. Then the toothless woman at the Bridgewater fruit and veg stall ( I bought some cheap black bananas for some banana bread. mmmm todays job..) gave us a tip that she had seen a hay-for-sale sign alongside one advertising pink-eyes on the roadside on the way to Old Beach. We headed down that way but no dice.

There was, however, this lovely view of the mountain along that road.

Mount Wellington is so much a part of my daily view walking to work and … well… wherever you go in Hobart really, that I always love to see it from a different angle. + yesterday it had those lovely ‘Monkey Magic’ style clouds just below the snowline… nice.

So with no luck past Old Beach and coming back to town along the Bowen Bridge after admiring the rear view of our ridiculous Steampunk zincworks, we had to decide which way next. I was mooting heading further South to Huonville as I have a friend living at Mountain River who has horses and I thought she may take pity on us and funnel us a little of her stash if we were unlucky. But Matt suggested we head West to New Norfolk. He had a hunch. So we hunched it.

We drove past a paddock with a horse and a rickety shed and ACTUALLY discussed raiding shed to see if there was hay. Hey – we could have left $20 and a note, alright? Then we saw a woman pull up in a ute and unload a precious bale… Oh my god, I nearly crashed the car I was rubberneckin’ so bad.

And it was a sign! Not too far on we found a small independant rural supplier and general store with a lovely woman in charge who just happened to have found a small stash of really lovely bales locked in a shipping container out back just a few days earlier. Success. Success. We’ll go back next weekend to try to get a second bale (we can only fit one in the car at a time) and that might do us till September if the rabbits stay inside and don’t do hutch time.

We celebrated with a little antique browsing in New Norfolk. Matt got a lovely old edition of Hutchins ‘Story of the Nations’ and a not old at all collection of known religous cults. My heart was gripped by a spectacularly ugly 60’s italian glass poodle: lime green with red pompoms, but he was v. expensive. There was also a fetching squirrel on a log with way too long ears. The proprietress must be a specialist collector of that maker as she twigged my interest and pulled out a photo of an ashtray she has at home decorated with an enormous green glass donkey with a really sexy bottom. Awesome stuff – but very expensive cheese…

There was also a shop we’d never been in before stuffed to the gills with ratty looking furbies, even rattier looking ventriloquist dummies (but quite terrif for it!) beautiful glass lamps and a woman calling all her friends from behind the counter to tell them someone she hated had gone to jail and wasn’t it great.

I came home with 2 vintage postcards and a silver antique radio charm for my charm bracelet. I haven’t bought one for a couple of years and I need mine to be one of those madly massive jangly ones before I become a Great Auntie in November. Yeah, that’s right. My wee tiny niece is with child…

Anyhoo – nice day out, driving home as the sun sets and happy, happy bunnies. That’s a happy ending innit?


2 thoughts on “Hay-Hunt

  1. Wow! Again!

    We seem to have some kind of psychic international BB baking link. That sounds exciting enough to make a TV series don’t you think?

    Can D Group sell that idea to someone, huh? HUH?

    We really miss you guys too. Always.

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