if we took a holiday, some time to celebrate

We took an ANNIVERSARY HOLIDAY last weekend (even though the hallowed day was the week before… but we were busy then…) and drove up and down the East coast of Tas a bit.

Our nice neighbours (as opposed to the shitty ones) gave us a gift of accomodation with dinner at Kabuki-by-the-sea near Swansea some time ago as a peace-pipe in lieu of some invasive dodgy tradesmen and we’d been saving it up. Mmmm seaside, clifftop room and japanese restaraunt all-in-one. I want to go back there again and again. When you come, we will ALL go, do you hear me, Friends-Abroad?

My folks gave us the gift of in-house rabbit-sitters and the use of their car for the weekend and we rugged up and had a ball, eating masses of sensational food (mmm… spicy thai fish soup in Swansea… wakame salad from locally harvested seaweed, organic walnut nougat made to an ancient roman recipe…. mmmm) admiring the view from our room and tiptoeing through exquisite bits of Tasmanian wilderness, which if you didn’t know, is what Tasmania really does best: Food and Views. Snacks and Wilderness. Full bellies and Landscape.

Matt went to aid a duck hunting protest at Moulton Lagoon 15 years ago by shooting video of the hunters and protesters… he ended up in a canoe with a stroppy lady protester who would pick up the corpses, paddle over to the men with big guns and throw them at them shouting “HERE’S YOUR DEAD DUCK!!!!’ We revisited for the first time since then and he realised how influenced he’d been by a lot of the sound there. We plan to go back for a recording trip some time so maybe we’ll get to have all this fun again…

You can go look at our HOLIDAY ALBUM if you like…


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