There has been so much stuff going on in our lives recently both good and bad. I seem to only have blogged the bad (other than Gino) for a while so here it is – catch-up time in short digestible niblets.

Matt had a soundwork – Cantus 35 – installed at Port Arthur as a part of the 10 Days on the Island festival. It’s a work he had been thinking about for years and was developed as a tribute to the memory of the 35 people who lost their lives in the shootings there a decade ago. But it was also developed as a way for Matt to excorsise the sound of the gunshots that he heard broadcast on the radio soon after the incident – presumably recorded by one of the tourists there on the day. It was installed in the Sentry Hut adjacent to the prison ruins, by the water and facing the site of the demolished café where a great deal of the tragic events took place.

It seems to have been received generally as one of the standout works from the exhibition and Matt has been ovewhelmed by the support for the work from the Port Arthur community – the families and friends of those who died – as well as the Art community.

There are great reviews of it everywhere but a visiting US academic, Mary Jane Jacob, gave it a particularly glowing reference on Radio National. You can hear the podcast of that interview HERE (scroll down to Sunday 15 April “Port Arthur and public art”).

Matt’s own record of the work (including a brief video clip with audio) is on his website HERE.

Sorry if you may have wanted to see it. I’m so late in reporting it that’s it’s over.

But for the record, my husband is awesome.


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