…and lastly for today, all about me.

It’s hard to feel good about good stuff when there’s bad stuff afoot, but I’m starting to appreciate it now…

Here is the news:

I spent the early part of the year administrating like a bastard, for my own practice and D Group too.

April saw me complete the biggest grant application of my life – big, big funds to allow D Group to get together and develop new stuff. Who knows how that will turn out, it’s in the lap of the gods now but WHAT A DOOZY! If it comes off you’ll never hear the end of it here…

In April also, the Devonport Regional Gallery decided to purchase (that’s right I said PURCHASE) two of my works for their collection! I’ve never sold a bean! Well… that’s not true actually – I sold an artists book once in, I think, 1993 for $20. It had tiny dried and french polished fish in it… DRG are purchasing an edition (1 of 3) of Encore and a second work that they haven’t decided on yet.

Encore, therefore, opened this past Saturday in their Collecting for Tasmania II show. I’m thrilled to be hanging amongst a group of artists I really admire (Pat Brassington is a particular fave and inspiration) so I am really pretty floaty about all this. Also a little $cha-ching$ to invest back into the practice (read: nibble off some debt) won’t go astray.

I have had my fake-lawyer hat on this morning developing my first contract of sale. As I am unrepresented by any gallery, I need to do this myself but as I am a bit of a dork really and find it quite interesting – if very hard work – it’s not too bad. I should be doing it right now, but the urge to update was too strong… never mind nearly done…

On top of this spiffing news came more spiffing news yesterday that one of my Paris prints, Lucky has been selected to hang in the City of Hobart art prize. It was selected from the support material I provided with my application (proposing a more recent work) and I would have thought it fell outside their guidelines (too old!) but I had confirmation yesterday that it is indeed the one they want.

I won’t win, of course (I’m one of 32 selected). As soon as it is up amongst the work of proper photographers, I’ll be revealed as a sham but there IS a people’s choice prize, so you can go see the show between 4 August and 16 September at the TMAG and vote for me… if you like… There’s an expensive framing job waiting in the wings to get the work ready to hang you see, and it’s gotta be paid for somehow…



4 thoughts on “…and lastly for today, all about me.

  1. paris prints

    ooh la la!! I love them. I want one but even more I’d love to see the stuff you shot at Lourdes. Please show us more. Congrats on the show but it just proves that good art is timeless and the date of its making is only important to those who write and curate. Harry sends his xxx and kudos, too. xxxamieo

  2. Re: paris prints

    aww, shucks!
    Amie were you ever a cheerleader?

    Ooooooh the stuff from Lourdes tortures me and is NEVER finished but I made a promise to myself that I would put it to bed in 2007.

    You’ll be the first to know I PROMISE! Well actually I better let Toni-Lynn know I’m done first, … you’ll be second!!!

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