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  1. Re: Oh Gino!

    Oh yes, The one with the great horn section. He get’s a bit of that belted at him but only in short bursts.
    He’s generally more likely to get a bit of Boz Scaggs ‘Lido Shuffle’ (now renamed as ‘Gino Shuffle’).

    Even with the title change it just seems to fall out of my face easier….

  2. Re: Oh Gino!

    You can’t sing the main part of the Dexys one, its all too verbose and hiccupy. But the horns are superb and the shouty oh ginos are fun. Are you guys OK? How did May 1 go? yrbrthr

  3. Re: Oh Gino!

    May 1 was v. sad but about as nice as these things could possibly get. We miss Stu, but we’ll be OK.

    We are taking off on a recuperative overnighter to Melb. on Wednesday. A Sunn 0))) gig and the selected video works from the Pompidou exhibition which should now seem like a pack of old friends.

    I’m not doing any work on my studio days which IS a problem (or even when AT WORK sometimes…) but somehow gardening, walking, talking with friends and rabbit husbandry all seem more important than anything else right now. I get very easily confused, flustered and panicky when trying to perform anything other than one of these specific tasks.

    My friend Cath and I talked today about chucking everything in, buying a ute and a chainsaw and starting a gardening service where we prune, haul crap away and make fishponds. I think it sounds dreamy…

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