We lost Stuart last night at 6pm.

He would never let me take photos of him but oddly he did bring me this one of him as a little ‘un in a sailor suit a few weeks ago…

Not many of the other people that I know knew Stuart. They might have thought he was my imaginary friend. He was so shy. The time we spent hanging out was always based in our loungeroom watching movies. I loved to cook for him because he loved my cooking. He was one of the most generous people I’ve ever known.

We were each others only chance to form a Turbojugend (a chapter of the international Turbonegro fanclub) but we decided that a two-man team was too lame and Stuart would NEVER wear blue denim… only black…

He was our ‘Uncle Bunny’, the only person to love our rabbits as much as we do and the only person we’ve trusted to care for them in our absence. It would melt my heart to hear him talk to them because he always adressed them as ‘darling’. They probably got on so well because of their similarly shy and reclusive natures.

We owed him so much and I shall miss him terribly.


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  1. i’m so sorry you lost your dear friend. it seems like whenever you spoke of him over the past year or so that he was really not well and i guess it was his time but it still sucks to lose one of the good ones.

  2. Yes, he had been suffering terribly for quite some time now and my sadness is tinged with a relief for him that that is all over. He has been in a lot of pain and discomfort for too long.

    But I’m a rather selfish girl too, you see, and would do anything to have him back.

    Matt and I are lucky you know… we know heaps of wonderful people and have lots of great friends but we’re really pretty private and it’s only a handful with whom we become really intimate. Stuart was one of them.

    Someone left a message this morning. I have to call them back after breakfast. I think they want our input on the funeral but I don’t know what to suggest…

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