noodle has a pink bunny

Rabbits bond very closely and we were very worried about Noodle greiving after Faz passed away. A little web research suggested that a stuffed toy could do the trick so I popped up to Chickenfeed and got Noodle a pink bunny. I call him ‘Pink Bunny’, Matt calls him ‘The Pinko Subversive’.

Noodle doesn’t care what we call him. She sleeps with him and spends a lot of time grooming his polar fleecy-ness.

Although it still feels a bit soon we will get her a new (real) companion ASAP.

We’d like a baby so she can easily show it who’s boss rabbit, we’d like another boy and I’d kind of like another lop because… well… just because Faz was such an awsome little bloke.

I don’t really want to get a rabbit from a pet shop (because they enable cruel backyard breeding… etc etc) and we’ve registered with the RSPCA for one of a litter of lops currently being fostered but we made a mistake of ‘looking around’ the pet shops and now my mind keeps going back to a tall, handsome hare-like fellow with grey and ginger fur I saw in the Kingston pet-shop yesterday. I immediately named him Richard and he had been marked down. No one wants a bunny if they’re not a cutsey-pie, fluffy baby it seems…

I can’t quite get handsome Richard-who-nobody-wants out of my mind.


6 thoughts on “noodle has a pink bunny

  1. Well.. they are meant for dogs really… i didn’t realise until i got him home that he has a squeaker in one foot, one hand, one ear and his tummy…

    i guess so he can squeak in protest while being chewed :O

    Noodle gets cranky if i make him squeak and grabs him off me…

  2. hehe My dog chews all the squeeky bits out! I often wonder what the neighbours think is going on and if they knew that this massive black german shepherd was the one making squeeky noises all day!

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