Farinelli (aka: Fazzy; Fazwell; The Bear; Buddy Bear & Mr Tineman [because he was always so small] ) died early this morning after a three week battle with an onset of health problems that seemed to arrive out of the blue. There were ups and downs through this period and I always thought he’d pull through but it seems we had to lose him at the respectable age of 5.

I gave him a cuddle, some more water and corn syrup and refilled his hot water bottle at four this morning but he climbed out of bed, streched out on the floor in the position he takes when he’s most deeply asleep and was gone when when I got up this morning.

The remaining three of our family here at Smith St are all devestated.

I was closer to him than any cat or dog I’ve ever had in my life and I’ve known some wonderful animals.

He was a beautiful rabbit and my best little mate.

RIP my little Bear.


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