i see you all the time in airports


…so Farinelli has had some ups and downs but it now seems he might recover fully bar a little remaining head tilt. It was an inner ear infection (something like my Mums’ Menieres Disease) that left him unable to balance or even tell which way was up or down. He was walking around with his head on sideways and falling over but is now straightened up can even negotiate steps with some speed. I’m pretty attached to that little guy.

Anyhow as he improves, my routine re-settles which means I have a little time to report on Melbourne.

I stayed with Nick and Delta again and took the step of eschewing trams in favour of walking into the city every day along Bridge road.

Here is Delta doing something fancy with eggs and Nick enjoying his fake birthday party:

Delta is a relatively recent Handsome Family convert and came with me to the gig which was entirely worth the trip. Brett and Rennie are funny and engaging and the music was beautiful. I loved it.  I bought the new CD from Rennie at the merch stall afterwards and she signed it while I gushed at her. One day I will learn to be cool but unfortunately right now I am not, so I gushed.

I was transfixed for most of the night and kind of forgot I had a camera so there are no photos.

Nick and his friend Wiggles had a birthday party while I was there, even though it wasn’t really his birthday. The Swedish Magazines played in a bedroom. Matt is distantly related to two of them, in some particularly Tasmanian quirk of marriage, which means I am too. I didn’t tell them that though, and have since talked to someone else who said they are related too so now it’s just getting kind of icky.

Delta and I each put one foot up on the kitchen table and danced to Danzig for a while in the kitchen which started a bit of a kitchen danceup:

When I looked at these photos the next day I felt it’s status as a good party could be confirmed.
Yes. That girl in the photo on the far right IS hanging in midair.

Specky guy is Tim. I like how he’s working that Kirk Pengilly look. He knows Nick from Burnie and told me he and Nick stayed with us years ago in Hobart to sneak in to see bands while underage. I do not remember this but I lied and said ‘Oh yeah….’ like I did.

I got to have dinner with Jenny and Ted freshly returned from France who both look like they’ve been drinking babies blood although they both insisted they were very rundown and had bad colds. They have a new shiny black car so I got whizzed around in that for a bit. I couldn’t stop laughing when I first saw it ’cause it’s a bit Knight-Rider so I hope I caused no offence. They couldn’t find the seatbelts in the back ’cause they’d never needed them before.

The only art I saw was the Howard Arkley show at Ian Potter and the Mike Nelson show “Lonely Planet” at ACCA. Both were enjoyable but didn’t get me jumping up and down.

Twas a jolly trip and a cheap ticket so Matt and I have decided to jump on another cheapie to go see Sunn 0))) in May.

Oh… and since I came back Caz, who used to play cello in Matt’s old band (Bodies) was in town with her new band, Laura. They were pretty good and the best thing in the lineup that night but Caz in particular just gets more and more awsome as a performer. Why they stuck her behind the pole on stage is beyond me…

She’s fantastic to watch and a spunk to boot. It’s really nice to be in touch with her again.


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