It’s been really, REALLY hot over the weekend. Yesterday was supposed to be 35 but I reckon it must have hit 38 or 39. I ate lemon icypoles for every meal yesterday…

The lymphoma warrior came to test some new mics out on my ukulele and stayed for salad and more icypoles in the evening. It was really good to see him looking a little perkier thanks to some new, experimental chemo. He’s really been taking it rough before now, it was breaking my heart. So even though he had to sign a waiver before he could undergo the treatment, it seems to be making a big (and positive) difference. It’s a shame I choked in recording mode…

The pharmeceutical company who manufacture it sent him flowers and chocolates for valentines day though. Err… OK…

One of my work collegues attended a private boys school in 1970s Sydney as a teenager. English-style with wool trousers, a wool blazer and a straw hat. In a flash of seventies modernisation-inspiration they decided to introduce a summer uniform of…wait for it… GREY SAFARI SUITS! How awesome is that?
He didn’t think so actually. I however, wish they’d introduced pith helmets and piped Barcharach throughout the school too then it might really have caught on…


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