No way – Australia Day.

Maybe this feeling is just a hangover from seeing a pack of brainless arseholes wearing Australian flags around their necks as capes while beating up anyone they drunkenly determined to be ‘un-Australian’ during the Cronulla race riots, but does it seem to anyone else that a surplus of flag seems to really bring all the uber-twats out into the open?

I left the house today for some peace and quiet (a cold stout with some old mates at a (mostly) empty pub up the road:- bliss) after having to deal with stereo neighbour Australia Day parties all day.

There was a girl dressed as a lamington at the bank machine. Her friend had an appliqued galah on the back of her jumper…

When I popped home briefly before escaping for some cheap thai food, neighbour one had calmed down while neighbour two had got to ‘Hotel California’ point…

I witnessed three fights in the two-block walk and this was only at 7pm…

One was one of those where the teenage girl leaves what she suddenly realises is a completely rooted relationship with all the dignity she has left while the idiot dumpee shouts her name in the street and smashes bottles in the gutter as she walks away.

On returning home now after dinner, neighbour two is at white-man-can’t-reggae point with a mass singalong to ‘Dreadlock Holiday’.

It surely can’t last much longer…they must be gonna pass out soon…

I’m agreeing with the Big Day Out people.

Down with cheap, meaningless displays of patriotism. Down, I say.

…in fact, if you REALLY want to do something to show your love for this country, why don’t you try voting Howard out in the next election.

That might actually mean something.


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