So I’m not exhibiting but….

Cath Robinson is my friend and one of the most gosh-darn sweet people walking the planet today.

She’s interested in the gaps and spaces in information and conversation and has made a few really nice works about the ‘Um’.

One of the works in this show is Sally Rees’ Exegesis (Necklace). Yup. She’s actually gone through my MFA Exegesis, cut out all the punctuation and laid it out into a necklace in the correct order. (!)

That’s it there on the cutting mat, laid out in the invite image.

I’m flattered and amazed and I can’t wait to wear it.

Cath’s first audio work, the Umatron, will be in the show too. Made out of the pauses in a series of interviews with artists about their inspiration, she refers to it as an ‘inspiration aspirator’. I love that.

Cath is awesome. Inflight Gallery is an awesome ARI project. Some of my absolutely favourite people in town give a lot of their valuable time and energy to it for nix, so if you’re in the Hobart area, get in there.

Art is free, y’know… Unless you’re trying to make it yourself…


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