Havin’ a heatwave

Can you believe that today is the first beach swimming we’ve done all summer?

Today was so hot we couldn’t NOT go…

We came home incredulous that we don’t go every day while we can.

I have crusty, salt skin and am satisfyingly tired.

Beachy, salt hair is my best hair. Do I dare not wash it before work tomorrow? Let’s wait and see…

My office is stifling.

Nick works at Rod Laver arena (the tennis is going great guns there right now) and it was 45 degrees in Melbourne today. People were passing out.

Matt’s going to see Roger Waters there in a couple of weeks, hope it cools down by then… it’s a lot further to the beach from Melbourne central, that’s for durn sure.

I desperately hope for enough cha-ching to get me over there to see The Handsome Family at February’s end…


10 thoughts on “Havin’ a heatwave

  1. well, I would support that at any rate…

    I think there’s some kind of ‘Pet Passport’ thing though, where you can get them cleared by a vet at your end which means they can be quarantined ‘in-home’ instead of in the awful airport shed…

    I heard that anyway…

    Do you see how very seriously I take threats like this emigration business?

  2. well realistically i think we have to have a five year plan. but that doesn’t mean we’re not coming before that to do some art with youse. i’ll explain jy’s future to him as soon as he gets home from driving.

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