a grand day out

It’s pouring with rain. Long overdue rain, I grant you.

It’s a great saturday to bake so that’s what I’m doing.

Having complained to anyone who would listen that I can’t bake, it turns out I can do at least brownies, carrot cake and banana bread, I just can’t bake succesful biscuits…

Oh well.

Anyhow last weekend it was about 34c and Matt’s brother, Nick and his girlfriend Delta were over from Melbourne. We all went to Richmond for the afternoon, ate icecream, admired ducks by the river and DID the Richmond maze. They are made of fences on gravel. It is REALLY hot on a hot day with no shade.

There are occasional shite gargoyles.

Or empty shelves where shite gargoyles used to be…

Me in the centre of the first. The mirror thing says ‘Know Thyself’.
Thanks for the advice, maze.

On the right are N, M and D leading our wee hunting party through the second.

In the centre of maze 2. Not crappy is it? At all.

Yeah, we kinda thought so too, Buddy…

We took the ASS-word we found in the middle back to the fruity man at the front counter (cravat, pentagram ring) and we got a lolly each. The rest of us chose a strawberry and cream jelly but Delta went the candy banana.

Nick was wearing a Voivod t-shirt that day.
Fruity man:”Voi-vod? What is a Voi-vod?”
Nick: “I dunno mate, it’s just a shirt, alright?”

Matt was wearing a Henry Rollins one. The one where he’s carrying a rolled diploma that says ‘PhD in bullshit’
Fruity man: (reading) “P…H…D… in… oh my!….”

He didn’t sound shocked… just titillated!



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