Pond of Death

… so a few weeks ago I built a fishpond.

It ‘s been my pride and joy.

Matt and I went and bought 2 little fish who we named Nosher and Mr Knuckles to complete the ecosystem and we have all been happily co-existing ever since. A small plastic barrel to hide in. Pond weed on the top. A quick sprinkle of fish food in the morning at the rabbits breakfast time. They fit into the routine of our life so quickly.

…until boxing day when a large, brown, kingfisher-esque squwarky bird swooped down and ate them.

Then, a couple of days later, a sparrow drowned.

I have been having dreams where I find little fish in small tupperware containers around the house.

‘Look, Matt!’ dream-sally says, ‘I put the fish here to keep them safe. They didn’t get eaten at all!


2 thoughts on “Pond of Death

  1. oh dear. i’m very sorry about your fish.

    i keep having a recurring nightmare that tanya tucker jumps up into the back of a van and goes to sleep there until she is driven away.

  2. no Tanya no.

    You may have to start some aversion therapy where you show her pictures of trucks while letting off fireworks…

    Hmm NYE could be a good time to start…


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