…and another thing…

We’ve indulged in a little capitalist, consumer joy in the post-christmas sales. Got two new frocks for a start.

One other thing I did get though was a cheap Divinyls best of CD. I’ve been thinking about ‘Science Fiction’ ever since we were in Tabor. I liked to sing it when I was on washing up duty and cooking up my ‘fluid’ in the kitchen…

But anyway I digress…

What I woke up wanting to say is that Divinyls and Chrissie Amphlett were awesome. Forget about ‘I touch myself’… Forget about it being a bloody fine line between pleasure and pain…

What about ‘Science Fiction’? What about ‘Boys in Town’? What about ‘Good die young’? Eh? EH?

How about Chrissie being an awsome vocalist who frightened the pants off every bloke within a 3 mile radius at a point in time sadly lacking in strong, unique female performers? Eh? Eh? EH?

There’s a woman who was doing what she do-do long before Courtney Love ripped her nightie and was a better musician to boot.

She deserves a lot better than to be relegated to a simple urban legend because of a questionable wee-wee incident…


6 thoughts on “…and another thing…

  1. Happy New Year

    Last night my Mum, Harry and I walked around the corner to hear Black Cash. It was good. My Mum will be 70 her next birthday and she liked it! She held up well. Would love to see your work in the area sometime soon. When will you be in Montreal? – AO

  2. The Vinyls

    Did you see C. Amphlett on Denton? Quite moving. Alcoholic from age of about 16 by the sound of it. Yes to Science Fiction, Never Let You Go (title?), Boys in Town etc. I Touch Myself confirms my Good Loud Bands Have Only Big Hit With Ballad theory. – yr brthr

    Also – Good Die Young has fab guitar solo

  3. Re: Happy New Year

    HNY Amie O. XXX

    We are working towards Montreal for October but of course all plans are still being formed. We had a response from Artspace but there is nothing in place yet, just email talk but fingers crossed eh?

    I would love you to see our work in your area sometime soon too!

  4. Re: The Vinyls

    ‘ello brudder.

    Yeah it was a good interview. I think I’ll start looking around for her autobiography in the 2ndhand bookshops.
    Never let you go is called ‘Siren’ and it is indeed a ripsnorter.

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