Only two sleeps…

Xmas really snuck up on me like a mute cat burgler with shoes made of cotton balls.

There has been too much high drama in the closure to 2006.
My hope for 2007 is that it will at least start out kind of dull.

We’ll work real hard, pay off our Czech Extravaganza debts and hopefully go and make some more big, loud, noisy, messy art in Montreal somewhere near the end. Everyone who is sick will get better. Everyone lovelorn will be soothed. Everyone who has been sorely overlooked for too long will have a little moment in the appreciation-sun. Everyone will find the time to do the stuff they REALLY like to do more than they did this year.

Except arsonists who are Class-A bastards and don’t deserve ANYTHING.

I’d also like an auto-harp.

Sort that out could you Santa? Cheers thanks-a-lot.


One thought on “Only two sleeps…

  1. ho ho ho

    What a terrifying image but so appropos for the end of 2006! Had a great time surfing your on-line presence and was thrilled to see Ms Watt’s image on the CAST page. Miss all of you and hope we can catch up here, there or in Montreal sometime soon. Holiday bis es for all. -ao
    PS. So happy to know your blog to link to

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