Long overdue

FINALLY:- if you’d like to see what Matt and I got up to while we were in Europe through August and September (both work and otherwise) please visit the
EURO-TASTICA 2006 photogallery.

Many of these snaps were actually taken by the other 2 quarters of D Group, Lena and Jean-Yves.

Sorry guys. Not meaning to steal your photographic thunder…

I just can’t remember who took what any more…


6 thoughts on “Long overdue

  1. Re: oh…and

    I really miss CESTA after going through the photos.

    I’m not anxious to be there at this time of year and I don’t miss the dogshit smell of a high Tabor summer but I do wish I could wake up in the morning and know:

    a) that someone else is cooking
    b) that today there is a good chance I might piss my pants laughing
    c) that there will be someone interesting to chat to
    d) that all I need to do today is try to make some art happen…. and maybe write a postcard.

    *sigh* looking forward to the next opportunity… gotta make it happen…

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