40 questions

Mike posted his reponses to a Metal Survey on a Myspace bulletin.

What a jolly way to waste time. I’ll post mine here. That’s what you do with blogs, eh?

Why not fill in your own responses… join in everybody…


1. What is your favourite metal genre?
– NWOBHM, glam… hmm… then anything with a punkish tinge… and a little prog-y stuff doesn’t go astray either.

2. Do you like Lars Ulrich?
– Yes, I do like Lars Ulrich, yes. That is of course as long as he is headless and impaled on, what I believe may be known as, a pike.
Confession time: I WAS once rather keen and even had a big poster on my wall. Then I heard him speak.

3. Last Album you bought/Downloaded?
– Heehee.
Turbonegro- Scandanavian Leather for $$$$
a little bit of Clutch for no $$$$

4. Did Black Sabbath create metal or do you think Zeppelin did?
– Yawn, yawn, yawn. I hate this question.
I love Sabbath whereas I am a little bored by Zeppelin unless they sing the word ‘Babe’ many, many, many times in sequence which makes me giggle. So, sometimes I’m not bored by them, just mostly.
I’ll kick for the Sabbath team. It just boils down to who you like the most doesn’t it? Next…

5. Last gig you attended?
-eesh… you know I don’t know…mmm…ummm..
I live in isolation… maybe it was Bob Log actually…

6. Last gig you missed?
-The two real tragedies:- Turbonegro because I was out of the country and Elvis Costello (Don’t laugh! Bugger off!) for the same reason.

7. Favorite American Band?
-Haha. Today I’ll say… Blondie.

8. Favorite Scandinavian Band?
-Gotta be a close call between the Turbs or Abba.

9. Favorite British Band?
-Oy. Lets say Iron Maiden. Today.

10. Age you started listening to metal?
-Hmm. Don’t know… REALLY metal…? Ummm..
What year did Number of the Beast come out?

11. First CD you bought?
-Faith no More – Introduce yourself and then The Cramps – A Date with Elvis
EDIT AGAIN: but just FYI… first vinyl album I bought was The Best of Blondie in 1981, with my birthday money from my Poppa. It still gets a spin, especially in BBQ season which is just around the corner.

12. Favorite metal video?
-Gee… well… “Let’s put the X in Sex” is a bit of a car crash…

13. Favourite metal guy/girl?
-Lemmy/Rob Halford

14. Do you know how to growl like Corpsegrinder?
-Encouraging pleghm as a protective coating would help I guess.

15. Do you own any metal tshirts?
-Yup. A couple. My favourites are my giant ‘Eddie’ nightie and the non-band affiliated Pushead one from about 1990 with the big skull coming out of the big pink handprint… remember that one kids? Grr.

16. Are vinyl releases better than CD ones?
-I’m too old to care. Just play the music, alright?

17. Name your Favourite Death metal bands.
-Oh I don’t know… I’ve been known to dig a little Sepultura…

18. Name your Favourite Black metal bands.
-Bathory. Whee.

19. Name the best bands ever to you.
-Best bands? Ever? Well… hmm… This will require me to work and rework a list over an extended period while arguing the finer points with El Husbando and a few choice pals to come up with the definitive… Oh, fuck it. The Ramones would be on there.

19. Do you believe in Satan?
-Well someone has to deliver the presents at Christmas ti… oh.. wait…

20. Are Metallica Sellouts?
-I couldn’t get a ticket. HAHAHAHA at me.

21. Do you think Darkthrone sold out when they released a single?
-Oh, I don’t know…
Ask me questions like Halford:-hair or no hair?
My answer is no hair please and thank you very much for asking. Oh, you didn’t…

22. Name one song with SATAN in the title?
“Satan, would you like a biscuit with your cup of tea?” I just wrote it.
It’ll be number one with a bullet. It’s narrative and at the end I stab him in the eye when he asks for low-fat milk…

23. Do your parents like metal?
-Nope. My parents like jazz.

24. Is myspace intensely gay?
-I’m not really INVOLVED enough to know.

25. Best band you’ve seen live?
-Weeeeell… Anthrax were actually pretty kick-arse beaut.

26. Best metal band in your hometown?
-Taberah. I just heard a bit the other day… and they’re only little babies…

27. Favourite deceased metaller?
-Bon Scott

28. Do keyboards belong in metal?
-Of course they fucking do, what’s wrong with you!!!

29. Does the idea of wearing medieval armour and fighting arouse you?
-Only if you pay.

30. Injuries you’ve suffered in the mosh?
-I got an excellent stomach bruise/imprint of the front of the stage once. You could make out where the carpet started…
Oooh and not an injury but I once got let out of hospital early with surgical staples still in place after having an ovary removed so I could go and see the Rollins Band and Matt and my friend Aaron hovered around guarding me in the mosh to make sure I could jump up and down but remain intact. That was real nice of them.

31. Best Australian metal band?
-Bloodduster are OK.
EDIT: Actually I’ll follow my heart here instead and say ROSE TATTOO. I understand their metal status is arguable but I’m arguing FOR and they ARE my favourite. So there

32. Whats better, buying a full length or buying an EP?

33. Do you visit http://www.metal-archives.com frequently?

34. Did you think it ruled when Varg (Burzum) killed Euronymous (Mayhem), did you even know he killed him?
-I did know. I think they are all silly, silly boys.

35. Would you kill Dani Filth if given the chance?
– If given HALF the chance

36. Do you like short fast songs or long epic songs?
-Do you like going out to dinner or eating in?
Can’t I have both? Why are you trying to reign me in?

37. Is Lemmy God?

38. Do you support church burnings?
-Silly, silly, silly, silly boys.

39. Do you really care about metal these days?

40. Who’s better, Philip Anselmo or Tom Araya?
-I tossed a coin. Tom was tails and he won.


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