So back to art…

I attended a two-day multimedia performance workshop with the Japanese group, Dumb Type a couple of weeks ago.

I confess to knowing very little about them before but they came with glowing reports and they really are something special. It’s amazing that they were here in Horse-fart at all…

The workshop was promoted as being for performers AND artists etc. but unfortunately was REALLY only set up for performers. It was really hard to find my place within it and how to get the most out of the experience but as I want to do more performance stuff in the future I tried to suck it up and get on with it and ended up picking up some useful things.

Dumb Type as an entity were generous and very kind. I’m thrilled to have met them and hope to meet up with them again in the future as I understand they are developing a relationship with SAC who hosted them this time and will be back sometime in the future.

Their ‘memory grid’ system of working as a performer with and within projection and screen was all very interesting. Using four states; shadow, reveal, silhouette and presence (that’s how I noted them – I don’t think that’s what they actually called them) they are able to represent four different levels of recall. It was nice, well-crafted stuff.

I made one enemy who was in my working group – a circus arts practitioner who made me realise that I’d never REALLY been given the death stare before as I had certainly never been shot the visi-venom she was was able to muster… Everyone else was v.nice though and to be honest, Circy-Circuson drove me so far up the wall I didn’t give two hoots what she thought anyway…

It’s rather nice actually, to know you’re capable of provoking an extreme reaction in somebody without even trying…

So:- still keen to do more performing but GOD the traditional performance communities can be exhausting.


4 thoughts on “So back to art…

  1. There was one more artist in my working group, the delightful James. So:-

    Sally and James: OK, so we have this prescribed video material to work with so maybe we should forget about narrative and just make images…

    Actors and Circy-Circuson: Sure that sounds good.

    *1 afternoon later*

    A&CC: ‘But why would my character do that?’ ‘But what does section 1 have to do with section 2?’ ‘I know… (to another actor) you can betray me in this next bit….’

    Cue S & J quietly weeping into their t-shirts and dreaming of post-workshop beer…

  2. circus arts practitioners

    I am happy to go around town taking out all the “circus arts practitioners”. I’ll eventually get your one, and hey, won’t we all be better off in the end?

    – chris

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