I didn’t mean to…

In the last two weeks amongst my circle of close friends:

One is being held in suspended angst over serious health stuff by the difficulty of getting medical attention where she lives.

Two are moving away from me to the other side of the country because one of them can’t get work in his field here.

One is in and out of hospital here and interstate while they try and rule out lymphoma… and he just became a father… and he’s never met his daughter because she’s at the other end of the state and he’s too sick to travel…

One is getting divorced.

One is in the neurological ward of intensive care having been struck down by a freak nerve-eating syndrome that has left him unable to walk, use his arms or speak with ease.

My Mum and Dad have also both been unwell and I have no memory of them both being out of action at the same time before.

This all comes as I’ve finally shaken off some persistent old rubbish and have been feeling content and yes, even blissfully happy; feeling just like myself from about 6 years ago. Not haunted.

The Czech Republic made me happy, which is great but with the tide of bad crap happening to everyone I love it’s hard not to feel like I’ve upset the balance…

So if anyone I’m very fond of is reading this can you just stay safe and keep it together please?

Thank you.


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